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НГ, 54/24а каб 201,212,213 карта проезда

ГЭС 10/34а каб 205 карта проезда

ГЭС 4а/10 каб 2 карта проезда

Офис работает: Вт, Ср, Чт - с 14:00 до 18:00


As usual we had a great club meeting devoted to FORGIVENESS - a really serious problem for many people. We found out what it means to forgive a person (admit your fault, confess it and take responsibility for it). We should forgive for our own peace of mind, not because a person deserves it.

To forgive doesn't mean to justify your offender. You shouldn't carry your offences with you, otherwise you won't be able to use the new opportunities in the future.

We also had a good time playing different games and having tea)))

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английский клуб в Набережных Челнах