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8(8552) 36-13-24

Мы находимся:

НГ, 54/24а каб 201,212,213 карта проезда

ГЭС 10/34а каб 205 карта проезда

ГЭС 4а/10 каб 2 карта проезда

Офис работает: Вт, Ср, Чт - с 14:00 до 18:00

See you next Thursday

We were mightily pleased to see new smiles and get to know new names!!!

Our Prince’s hobby-horse is Psychology, which enables him to choose issues particularly burning for teenagers.

Dear attendees, we want to remind you that the atmosphere and vivaciousness of every Club meeting depends, first and foremost, ON YOU! Never be shy to talk! Never be discouraged – each of you makes a difference! Remember, we’re always open to any initiative:

you can perform something - bring a guitar,

sing a couple of favourite songs

(if you play the piano, we’ll have to take your word for it, cook something,

make a smart presentation

or just share your impressions of the last weekend .

Be sure to participate – your utmost zeal is actually what the Club is for!

We hope to see you next Thursday, and… don't forget to bring your friends with you!


английский клуб в Набережных Челнах
Вы здесь: English-Planet Новости See you next Thursday