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английский клуб

This Thursday we reviswed useful conversarional phrases for a telephone talk.

As for more advanced studies, this time we tried to cover ACRONYMS. It was good to recall some classical examples (like UNO and WHO) and also get to know the most popular contemporary ones (like ASAP or AKA). Some of the students surprised us with not very wide-spread acronyms which was fun))

It was good to see you, friends!

Pictures from the Club:see here

Life in club

английский клуб

As usual the English Club meeting was very useful! We learned to debate properly talking about traveling abroad: whether it helps to understand your own country and realize all its beauty or not. We had lots of fun playing different games, for example, Hollywood))) Except for the knowing numbers in English, it demanded speed in counting )))))) Prince was the best!!! We were also reflecting about choosing the career. The most important is not what you LOVE, but what you CAN do well... Think about that and be sure to join us next time!!! The time has come to Improve your English. With us!!!

Pictures from the Club:see here

Successful English club meeting!

английский клуб в Набережных Челнах

In thursday we had another successful English club meeting!

After the games, where everyone tried himself as an actor and an advocate, we debated whether the Internet should be banned from schools.

The topic was very timely and our teacher Prince encouraged us to debate in the right way))))

Then we got to know lots of idioms which enriched our language, and got the task for the next Club meeting: to use at least two of them in our speech.

So, see you next Thursday!!!


В четверг у нас была очередная встреча в Английском Клубе!

После игр , где каждый попробовал себя в качестве актера и адвоката , мы обсуждали , должен ли Интернет быть исключен из школы.

Тема была очень своевременной и наш учитель Prince призвал нас обсудить ее в правильном русле))))

Мы узнали много идиом , которые обогащают наш язык , и получили задание к следующей встрече клуба : использовать по крайней мере два из них в нашей речи.

Итак, увидимся в следующий четверг!!!

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